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Handwriting, ABC learning is an educational game for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten age kids. Children will learn everything about abc alphabet while playing game, including alphabet song, learning alphabet and tracing abc worksheets. Whether your kid is in kindergarten, or going to attend preschool, this is a suitable game for your child. Key features of Handwriting, ABC learning - Educational games for kids FREE - Simplest way to learn abcd - Bright, colorful graphics - Beautiful cartoon animation of animals - All pronunciation by professional voice-over artists - Background music is researched seriously [from videos Little Einstein series] - For moms and dads it is the best way to help their kids learn the letters Handwriting, ABC learning includes three main subjects. 1. Alphabet Song - Your baby will learn alphabet song similar to abc songs for kids on YouTube - Help children learn the names of the letters in the English alphabet - They have a great interest in for fun animation of twenty-six letters abcd, balloon pop and lovely animals such as puppy, bunny, penguin, dog, cat, etc... - Just listening and watching 2. Learn ABCs - Your child will play a mini farm game to learn letters easily - Learn the correct English pronunciation of vowels, consonants - Know animals, fruits what have the words start with this letter or that one, such as A Ant Apple, B Bear Banana, C Cat Cherry, O Octopus Orange, T Turtle Tomato, etc... 3. Writing letters and alphabet worksheets ABC handwriting game will help the children, toddlers and kids: - learn way for writing the alphabet letters - tracing letters on the board, blackboard - writing uppercase letters and lowercase letters - following the guide signal after each ten seconds The player can choose one of ten colors and take any letter in list of abcs to write letter. Nothing develops wrists and manual dexterity better. How to play a mini farm game? In a big farm, there are many animals and plants, from forest plants to ocean animals. Your kid grows fruits by following the guide signal of game. - Just touch a watering toy to water the plants in the garden - and touch on fruits on tree to pick them It s really simple but exciting for kids. Handwriting, ABC learning just supports English. We will keep on updating with others: Vietnamese, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, ... asap. FEEDBACK Thank you for installing and using Handwriting, ABC learning. If the game is helpful for your kid, please rate 5 stars to encourage us. If you have any feedback or new ideas to update game, plz contact with us at firststep.apps@gmail.com or leave comments on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/firststepgames
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