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Details :

This learning app for kids is aiming in making them learning alphabets, numbers, colors and figures as fun : Features which make it to stand DISTINCT in comparison to other apps are :- 1. High Definition: Full Page distraction free HD images of alphabets and numbers. 2. Auto Tutor Mode : Just click, set back and relax for auto tutor to teach your kid. 3. Portrait and Landscape Mode: Designed carefully for both orientations 4. Graphical Reports : to track progress made by kid in your absence. 5. Audio Visual Learning : Carefully chosen phonics (pronunciation) which run in back ground while teaching. Other Details of this Kindergarten play application are : (a). Parental Control : Security check for parental control. (b). Complete audio control to enable or disable different voices. (c). Special support assistance : Inbuilt platform to provide feedback or support required. (d). Complete English alphabet series starting to play abcdef to xyz and 12345 to 20 counting. (e). 12 basic colors which a kid should learn at first. (f). 12 basic shapes which kid can learn and use same to relate it to nature. (e). Practical tutor like sounds with careful pronunciation like " A for apple " (f). Have Capital as well as small English alphabets (angrezi / angreji varnmala) learn abcdef ( to xyz ) mode. About Company : GochlarWorks is all about solving problems simply. We have taken our first step by starting with kids(Play group) education. We have tried our best to keep it simple and impactful by keeping it near to reality ( A for Apple being one of example) . On the other hand this application allows you to track progress of kid graphically and let you know on which alphabets or numbers (counting) your kid should focus more. Recent : We have added learning colors and shapes for your little champ along with the animation to keep it simple and attractive. Forth Coming Plans: We are working on including more exercises on other basic stuff like identifying: 1. Fruits 2. Vegetables 3. Quizes and many more.. Above will also be accompanied by more analytics on behavior and mastering pace of kid. Long term vision is to bring this up as standard app to make your little champ learn and at the same time you tracking his/her progress. This learning game application contains all A to Z english alphas (angrezi / angreji varnmala) in upper case as well as lower case in sequence as follows: > abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz > ABCD.. Apart from this, this abcd 1234 learning game app contains 1 to 20. Above also includes real time vocalization of number like "one two three" be spoken by a real guy. If your kids has just grown up and you are looking out for play school like Bachpan play school , Kidzee , eurokids or shemrock so as to learn alphas, numbers (counting) and much more then you have landed at the right place. One unique feature is auto abcde to xyz for ukg and lkg kids and auto 12345 to 20 mode in which your little champ just need to sit back, relax and keep watching audio and visual session given by app.
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