Kids Learn Numbers Pre-K 123


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Here is the revolutionary application which introduces kids to world of numbers! Kids Learn Numbers is an app for 4-6 years old kids. This app teaches to recognize numbers and counting through a didactic path exclusively designed by teachers and pedagogues. The six sections of this app are introduced by a voice over that explains what to do. Moreover, the app is embedded in a familiar environment with graphic design composed by animals and common objects that will easily help to learn numbers and the most basic reading maths. These are the 6 sections of the app: - Learn - Touch numbers to learn and recognize them. Discover 10 different images and listen to the correct pronunciation. - Guess - Recognize and touch the right number. A quick useful quiz to test the level of learning - Recognize - Recognize and touch the right image. - Fill the empty blocks - Fill the empty blocks inspired by Montessori s toys - Follow the dots - Draw the lines between numbers and discover the image - Trace - learn to write numbers by tracing shapes
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