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It makes teaching and learning of K-12 subjects English, Math, and Science easy and fun. Download this education app now and get ready access to numerous lessons, examples, and assessments that are aligned with Philippine curriculum standards and promote student engagement and mastery. Comprehensive Content for K-12 English, Math, and Science Abiva App features EDGE elearning for English, Math and Science. Available through in-app purchase, the premium contents contain a wealth of tutorials, examples, activities, and assessments that address the different needs of students. EDGE lessons are presented with: 1. step-by-step demonstrations 2. extensive detail embedded with dynamic illustrations 3. activities that facilitate both self-paced learning and classroom instruction. EDGE English, Math, and Science are aligned with the K-12 curriculum standards and are crafted by classroom teachers and seasoned educators—trademarks of an educational publisher who has provided quality instructional materials for 80 years now. Abiva App also features etextbooks for K12 subjects. Sample EDGE lessons, etextbooks, and texbooks are available for free. Highlights of EDGE Contents ? Comprehensive discussion for each learning area and competency ? Wealth of assessment activities of varying levels of difficulty ? Interactive ? Instant feedback ? Alignment with K-12 Curriculum Learning Management System Abiva App has a learning management system (LMS) designed to empower teachers and engage learners. It has tools and resources needed to deliver online courses and classroom instruction, track student performance, and customize learning such as: ? Content management. Teachers can schedule lessons and set assessment activities as practice exercises, quizzes, tests, or homework. ? Instant scoring and feedback. Students instantly get feedback about their scores after completing each assessment activity. ? Grade book. Teachers can use this tool for managing, recording, and monitoring students grades. ? Performance and grade reports. Teachers and students get automated reports to track student performance and activities. ? Question bank. Teachers can create new assessments for their class by using the repository of premade questions or add their own questions via the authoring tool. ? Resources. Teachers can use this tool for adding and managing supplemental elearning resources ? Communication tools. Teachers and students can easily communicate via e-mail, announcements, and discussion groups.
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