Survive Global Climate Change


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A COMPLETE CURRICULUM MODULE Survive Global Climate Change utilizes character-driven storytelling to outline a wide range of human impacts on the environment through global climate change. Each story depicts a middle school student, in the year 2063, facing a survival situation caused by global climate change; including pollution, rising sea waters, and an ice age. The question is...How do we survive, and what can we do now to prevent this from becoming a reality? PARTICIPATE IN THE EPIC PROJECT BY PROVIDING FEEDBACK Please take this short survey to help us learn how we can continue to make our media more engaging and effective. TARGET GRADE LEVEL: 6-9 WHATS INSIDE • A complete digital curriculum • Animated stories • Text-based science information • Links to additional resources • Group review questions • Practice quizzes • Assessment with results e-mailed to the teacher • All printable pages COST AND SECURITY • Free to use and share • No In-App purchases • No personal data collected MEETS THE FOLLOWING NEXT GENERATION SCIENCE STANDARDS Practices For K-12 Science Classrooms • Asking questions • Constructing Explanations and designing solutions • Engaging in argument from evidence Cross Cutting Concepts • Cause and Effect • Energy and Matter • Stability and Change Disciplinary Core Ideas • MS-ESS3 -2 Natural Hazards and Catostrophic Event • MS-ESS3-3 Human Impact on the Environment • MS-ESS3-4 Human Consumptions impact on Earth Systems • MS-LS2-4 Changes to an ecosystem affect populations • MS-LS2-5 Maintaining Biodiversity • MS-LS21 Effects of resources on Organisms in an Ecosystem ACCOMMODATES THE FOLLOWING LEARNING STYLES: • Visual (spatial):pictures, images, and spatial understanding. • Aural (auditory-musical): sound and music. • Verbal (linguistic): speech and writing. • Physical (kinesthetic): touch - interactivity. • Logical (mathematical): logic, reasoning and systems. • Social (interpersonal): group learning. • Solitary (intrapersonal): self-study. ABOUT THE CREATORS Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University partnered with Kenowa Hills Public Middle Schoolers and science teachers to create this media as part of the EPIC project. The science content and assessment were developed, researched and verified by Kenowa Hills Public School students and teachers. The animated stories and graphic user interface were created by KCAD Digital Media students. The Development (coding) was powered by the the KCAD Framework created by Digital Concierge. ALSO AVAILABLE ON THIS MEDIA: • MAC desktop and laptop computers - all browsers • PC desktop and laptop computers: all browsers • iPad and Android tablets using the Photon Web Browser • Google Play store (search: Survive Global Climate Change) • iTunes Store (search: Survive Global Climate Change) • EPIC media:
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