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About GOOD Books GOOD Books is the acronym for (books that ensure) "Guarantee Of Overall Development" of every child in the 21st century. The concept-centered narration of math and science uniquely hones the logical thinking and innovative abilities of children. The books enables utilisation of 100% capacity to learn by enabling reading, conversation, keen observation and practice of math and science. It s a first in the history of math and science education, ever, for the entire spectrum of K-12 levels. Initially written by a couple for their home-schooled child, the books are remarkable for their scientific design and content. About Reading Reading is perhaps the most complex of human activities as it requires the ‘deep integration of over two dozen processes such as analogical thought, reasoning, imagination, insight, emotions, novel thought etc. There are only four ways to learn – reading (texts), seeing (pictures or videos), listening (lectures or conversations) or doing (experiments or gaining experiences). However, much like the fingers of your hands, the four are not equal in effectiveness for learning – reading is the most potent tool for learning. The best way to learn something is to read about it, followed by ‘seeing, listening and doing around it; any other way to learn e.g. hearing a lecture in class followed by a video and activities, is a less-effective way to learn. The trouble is that learning to read is outside the original, genetic capability of the human brain and reading is a totally acquired skill. Worse, there is hardly any preparation available to learn to read, you just need to read more to be able to read better!
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