Gujarati 12th Physics Sem 3


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Physics Quiz is a great resource for learning about the science of physics. The multiple-choice trivia format is a learning tool for students, who interested in learning more about physics. If you are learning physics at school, want to brush up your knowledge, help your kids or just enjoy a quiz, this application is right for you. Learning and practicing a science is always more fun when it s part of a multiple choice answer. This application uses Questions with four Answer. Questions range from small test to Large Test. this application help to improve your Physics knowledge. Quiz contain Questions according to the Syllabus of GSEB. Different color are use to identify Right Answer and suggested Answer and Wrong answer with Different color like red,green,yellow,gray etc. this quiz will inspire and build your confidence. The quiz will give any science novice the confidence to tackle school physics. This quiz show your standard by displaying score at the end of test, that use to improve your skill. Learn Physics is an app that helps to understand physics easily and fast with core concept tutorials, formulas calculator and quizzes. Gujrati language is used for good Practice. Each Questions has four options to choose correct answer. Correct answer carries +1 points. Key features: - Perfect for students to do physics homework quickly and accurately. - It is suitable for Those Student who preparing for 12 science. - Questions are randomly generated therefore tendency of duplicate questions are not present. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We would love to hear any suggestions, questions or comments and we are warmly waiting for your precious response : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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