Nervous System


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From this App you can learn : Describe the basic structure of neuron and list different types of neurons. Discuss the changes in ion concentrations inside and outside of a neuron that result in an action potential. Define the term ?synapse? and distinguish between direct synaptic and indirect synaptic transmission. Summarize the role of various neurotransmitters in propagating nerve impulses. Compare and contrast Central nervous system and Peripheral nervous system. Describe the anatomy and function of spinal cord and spinal nerves. List out the major regions of human brain and describe some of the major functions of each. Understand and explore the mechanism of reflex action and arcs. Explore the causes and types of symptoms seen in some common neurological disorders. More details please visit "" hosts concept oriented content in Maths & Sciences specially designed for K-8 to K-12 grades. "Wonderwhizkids (WWK) enables students to enjoy learning with application oriented, visually rich content which is simple and easy to understand. The content is aligned to best practices of learning and teaching. Students can develop strong basics, critical thinking and problem solving skills to do well in school and beyond. Teachers can use WWK as a reference material to be more creative in designing engaging learning experiences. Parents also can actively participate in their child s development through WWK". This topic covers under Biology subject as a part of the Human Physiology topic and this topic contains following sub topics Nervous System Ion Channels Neurotransmitters Types of Nervous System Brain Reflex Action and Arcs Diseases and Disorders
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