Ecology and Biosphere


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From this App you can learn : Define the term Ecology and analyze how Ecology and environment are related to each other. Illustrate the concepts–richness of biosphere and biological interactions. Explore how Ecology and Evolutionary biology are closely related sciences. Illustrate how environment shapes organisms and how organisms shape the environment. Define, discuss and distinguish the terms–species distribution and dispersal. Define and describe biotic, abiotic factors and biomes. Describe how biotic and abiotic factors influence the structure and dynamics of various biomes. Deduce how the concept of time applies to ecological situations and evolutionary changes. More details please visit "" hosts concept oriented content in Maths & Sciences specially designed for K-8 to K-12 grades. "Wonderwhizkids (WWK) enables students to enjoy learning with application oriented, visually rich content which is simple and easy to understand. The content is aligned to best practices of learning and teaching. Students can develop strong basics, critical thinking and problem solving skills to do well in school and beyond. Teachers can use WWK as a reference material to be more creative in designing engaging learning experiences. Parents also can actively participate in their child s development through WWK". This topic covers under Biology subject as a part of the Evolutionary Biology topic and this topic contains following sub topics Ecology and Biosphere Subfields of Ecology Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Interactions of Organisms and the Environment The Environment Shapes Organisms Organisms Shape the Environment Distribution of speciesAbiotic and Biotic Factors
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