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Hello and welcome to language learn app Opilas! Opilas vocabulary trainer helps you to learn fast and effective one or several foreign languages in parallel. The best news is - you learn for free. Absolutely no language skills are necessary. This app is developed for beginners. You ll learn language grammar intuitively - like kids do. You know the situation: you re on holidays or traveling and there is no translator who can help you. Well, in this case there is a simple solution: You learn language on a daily bases in lessons with simple phrases. The application presents max. one lesson per day. The next lesson is available next day after you ve finished the previous one. You can take your language course to your travel or on business trip and continue learning using our flashcards with words and phrases. Read and talk 5-10 Minutes a day. One lesson usually contains 4-6 easy-to-remember vocabulary cards. Use it as your personal language guide by exercising every day several weeks with this app. Profit from newest results from scientific researches about efficient learning and allows you to learn a language easily and without time effort by using an acceptable amount of flash cards per day. You ll know and use hundreds of words. Just read lessons and learn by doing exercises when Opilas reminds you. You might show this app to your children because it s useful for kids as well as for adults. It also supports you in practicing verbs. Opilas is your personal language tutor. Study your favorite language every day. Opilas will help you in daily standard situations - like in Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping, Small Talk, meeting, office etc. Learn you favorite foreign language for free from community and contribute if you like - there are absolutely no restrictions. In our opinion it s better to learn not more the one language at the same time. Following languages are available at the moment: German => Russian (currently 28 lessons / 4 weeks) German => English (currently 42 lessons / 8 weeks) German => French (currently 28 lessons / 4 weeks) German => Spanish (starting, few lessons) German => Italian (starting, few lessons) English => Russian (currently 28 lessons / 4 weeks) English => German (currently 36 lessons / 7 weeks) English => French (currently 28 lessons / 4 weeks) English => Spanish (starting, few lessons) English => Italian (starting, few lessons) Russian => German (currently 36 lessons / 7 weeks) Russian => English (currently 42 lessons / 8 weeks) Russian => French (currently 28 lessons / 4 weeks) Russian => Spanish (starting, few lessons) Russian => Italian (starting, few lessons) Submit your own lessons / corrections under http://www.opilas.de/ or add/correct (multimedia-) content by submitting it on the website. We are looking for native speaker for: Spanish, Italian, French. Visit our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Opilasde/430898540312619 We don t collect sensitive data. This are standard permissions for ads / automatic daily reminder, progress storage etc. Improve your vocabulary with our trainer app day by day! Have fun and learn French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian or English for free. your Opilas Team
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