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It is a known fact that children are better able to learn new languages than adults and what better way to encourage language learning amongst your children by introducing them to the dual language English Chinese Flash Cards app? With three hundred different flash cards covering twelve everyday categories (Animals, Body Parts, Colors, Food, Fruits, Vegetables, Home, Musical Instruments, Nature, Numbers, Sports, and Vehicles), your child will be learning practical words. Both English and Chinese is displayed in the app along with spoken audio from native speakers. Real sounds, where possible, are also included for the cards in the animal and vehicle categories (dogs barking on the dog card). For children who love games, there are two mini-games that allow children to practice their new language acquisition. Furthermore, the device allows parents to customize up to 100 blank cards ready to fill with pictures (you can use the camera roll on your iPad or your iPhone camera) and words. Another fun aspect of the English Chinese Flash Cards app is the fun factoids presented on each card. Up to four fun facts about each word are shared in both English and Chinese for curious little learners. This app gives young learners a chance to learn practical words, hear professionally recorded native voices, and introduce sentence construction in the fun facts presented on each card. The English Chinese Flash Card app makes learning fun while offering real word and sentence construction for optimal language learning results. This app is compatible with both tablet and mobile devices. Features: -Dual Language : English and Chinese -Total 300 cards in 12 everyday categories with real pictures, professionally recorded natives voices. -Fun facts on each cards. -2 mini games. -customize up to 100 blank cards ready to fill with pictures.
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