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You want a handbook of essential phrases, sentences ! you want to practice Speak French for beginner. Learn French Phrasebook - Apprendre le Français contains over 1000 commonly-used French phrases and vocabularies for travellers and beginners in 18 categories. + Greetings + General Conversation + Numbers + Time and Date + Directions & Places + Transportation + Accommodation + Eating out + Shopping + Colours + Cities & Towns + Countries + Tourist & Attractions + Family + Dating <3 + Emergency + Sickness + Tongue Twisters NATIVE PRONUNCIATION -- each phrase with speech of native speaker help you learn speak French correctly ALWAYS LEARN PHRASES, NOT INDIVIDUAL WORDS: ? Meaning: Phrases are easier to remember, because they have meaning, they paint a picture, they tell a story. ? Speed: When you learn phrases instead of a word, you re learning how to use that word correctly, and it s much faster. When we re children, we learn with phrases, groups of words, not just one word by one word by one word. Word by word is slow. ? Pronunciation: In real life some groups of words are said as though it were a single word, in one breath-group, without pausing. If you stop to take a breath in the middle of the phrase, you are not saying it correctly, and you risk being misunderstood. App completely offline. No require internet to study Search by French or English Save your favorite sentences for review later When you travel, business to France, don t forget this app
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