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In our accelerated world everybody wants to speak a new and foreign language fluently as soon as they start learning as if it were their own mother tongue. However, in order to achieve this, you need to go down the same road we did in the course of acquiring our mother tongues. Xeropan entertains you with language lessons of your own liking, thus making learning far more exciting. It guides you with English tests tailored to your goals, and helps you with videos of real life situations. ********* TRY THE XBOX OF LANGUAGE LEARNING, THE HARVARD OF PEDAGOGY AND BECOME A SELF-CONFIDENT LANGUAGE LEARNER. ********* HOW IT WORKS? Unique lessons with actual topics, audio and video materials designed by native language teachers await you. It takes a whole new approach to language learning. Lessons are structured in a way to teach you the use of English for practical purposes! Learning English online can also be playful and fun. Whether you are a beginner English learner or you are preparing for a language exam: Xeropan teaches English effectively and creatively. Learning English is easier and more effective with vocabulary cards. Do not let the cartoon world distract you – here, language learning is taken seriously. We guide you through an adventurous story with daily lessons and missions, so that learning remains a constant excitement. You help Professor Max to save the world throughout 12 historical periods, 60 topics and nearly 1000 lessons leading from beginner to advanced levels. Improve your English with video lessons and a personalised learning method. Become a better you by speaking English fluently! MAJOR FEATURES: * PRACTICE: A series of randomised and personalised tests, with the help of which you can practise and improve your language skills * VOCABULARY BUILDER with more than 8000 English expressions. A vocabulary learning interface, where you can acquire new expressions and practise those that you already know, furthermore your active and passive vocabulary is measured simultaneously. * CAMPAIGN LESSON: Lessons are available within the topics of each island * DAILY LESSON: You receive free lessons every day which take up only a few minutes and are concerned with topics of your own liking. * GRAMMAR: is made more colourful by creative lessons and explanations. * MULTIMEDIA MATERIAL: videos are based on real life situations with native English pronunciation. * VILLAINS – CHALLENGES: Assess your knowledge before jumping a level (island) with a Quest. Complete it successfully and you can choose from exciting lessons adapted to your level. ABOUT US IN THE PRESS: "The lessons are nothing like Duolingo s, you do not have to work your way through test after test, instead, you get various current topics, texts, videos and audio materials." – index.hu FEEDBACK FROM OUR USERS: "It offers effective language learning from beginner to advanced levels.Playful and creative! Learn the most important expression to start a conversation for FREE!" – Matthew "If you take a step every day, sooner or later you will reach your goal! But if you have friends motivating you, you will get to the top sooner! ... Thanks, Xeropan! It teaches through play and it s extremely hard to stop. :) – Kamfor - - - Website: www.xeropan.com Facebook: facebook.com/xeropanapp - - - SO WHAT IS XEROPAN GOOD FOR? Learn English, learn words, creative English learning, free language lessons, effective English learning for free, English language learning online, personalised learning
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