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SpeakIt is in the TOP 8 software for deaf people. A serious tool that is known, however, for its frequent out of ordinary usage. Some of the usages include: learn foreign language phrases, practice pronunciation, pranks. Languages supported: Dutch, English (India), English (United Kingdom), English (United States), French, German, Hindi, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (United States). There is a drop down list with all of the the languages that are available for speech generation. When using a language for the first time you will need an internet connection to download the language files. This application has the following features: 1. Talking device - write text and click on Play button, TTS engine will generate voice from text. 2. Talking ringtone - write text and choose Set as ringtone&alarm from the menu, TTS engine will generate a voice ringtone. It will be available as a SpeakIt ringtone in the default ringtones location and as an alarm sound. 3. A fast/emergency button on the Home Screen - write text and choose Save on Home Screen widget . This could be used by deaf to save an urgent warning/message on Home Screen and play it by just taking the phone out of the pocket and pressing the button. It takes a couple of seconds to do this. 4. Timer talk - write text and choose Start timer . Voice message will be played when the countdown reaches zero. You can change the countdown value in Settings. This could be used for pranks. 5. Different voice talk - change voice pitch to low, normal or high. 6. Talking notification - write text and choose Set as notification from the menu. It will be available as a Speak It notification sound. 7. Speaking SMS messages aloud - start Speak It SMS service to read aloud all incoming SMS messages. 8. Adjust sound volume with the device s media volume button. 9. STOP key - click on the back button to stop the playback 10. Save a sound file and send it over skype or email 11. A speaking indicator shows when the device is actually speaking 12. Save voice messages to a list. Requires Android version 2.3.3 and higher. The application must be installed on the internal device storage only since it contains a Home Screen widget and a Service. Cannot move to SD card.
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