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Geography quiz is a new intellectual and educational game for both adults and children. This game is going to be particularly interesting for people who enjoy geography and travelling as well as participating in other intellectual games and solving puzzles of the same type. It is a good opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge in front of your friends or check the bag of knowledge of your friend or buddy. In this game, you have to collect the names of various countries out of 14 chaotically scattered letters, which appear on the screen of your mobile phone or tablet. In order for you to guess the country, a flag and territory contour will be shown on the political map. In total, there are 50 levels of the game, and we will add more levels in the future time. Check and improve your geography knowledge - it is a great way to spend your time with fun and benefit! This exciting game is perfect for children of preschool and school ages as soon as it provides kids with lots of new information, which is going to be helpful during geography lessons. If you cannot pass the level, you can use two types of hints. The first one is a bomb, which you can «explode» and thus get rid off all the extra letters that do not compose the country s name. The second hint allows you to see one of the letters of a hidden word. We do recommend you not to hurry to use all the hints given, because you cannot use them several times in a row. A «bomb» hint takes 24 hours to recover and «see the hidden letter» - 12 hours. If you run out of hints and struggling to get to another level, you can always ask your friends for help in social networks right on the game. If you love games, quizzes and geography tests, you will definitely like this application! Overall, if you want to learn how to recognize flags of any country in the world, this is a game for you! Play and learn – good luck to you!
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