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(6 Issues/12 Months) "Asia At Your Fingertips" Asian Geographic JUNIOR opens up an infinite world of possibilities for all children aged 7 to 13. Readers will be exposed to colorful and distinct cultures, fascinating wildlife endemic to the region and changing trends that are shaping the Asia we know today. This is the only children s magazine in the world dedicated to showcasing Asia, the world s largest continent. It takes a simple, unadulterated view of the world to provoke thought, arouse awareness and restore old stories and traditions in a whole new way. Issue 1-2014: Welcome to a brand new year with Asian Geographic JUNIOR! I am so pleased we are kicking of f the year with one of my favourite themes of all time – Great Asian Journeys. In fact, as I was putting the magazine together last year, I was embarking on an epic journey myself – sailing across the Pacific Ocean (the world s largest) on a boat from the Philippines to Palau and not before stopping Issue 6-2013: We ve come to the end of the year and what better way to end a great year than to take a look into the past and see how it has impacted the present. I think this will be a great read to do with your parents because it will definitely awake some wonder ful memories from their own childhoods. I would also like to take this oppor tunity to thank you for your suppor t and hope you will continue Issue 5-2013: Be prepared for some eye-popping stories in this edition with images and articles that are a feast for the eyes! We find out how powerful colour can be and yet is so abstract scientists believe it is a figment of our imaginations! Grab your copy today to find out more! Issue 4-2013: I hope you had a fun time during the holidays and back at school, refreshed and ready to star t your new term. In this issue, we look at the stuf f we throw away. We will track where it goes, what can be done with it and how we can minimise the way we dump our trash to help the environment. I d also like you to read about some children who are not as lucky as you on page 42 in the Thinking Caps Issue 3-2013: he first half of the year is almost over and I am sure a lot of you are get ting excited about the upcoming holidays. But that means you ll first have to get through the mid-year exams, so I hope this issue will inspire you to work hard when you read about the many treasures we have in Asia. These treasures are not just about precious stones and gems, they also include things and places Issue 2-2013: This issue is meant to make you cringe, your tummy turn and to make you go ‘ewww and ‘yuck ! But I m sure this will be a fun read and a real page-turner where you can find out what being in a microscopic world is like, how you can make your own slime and find out the queer (and gross) habits of some animals. Issue 1, 2013: Welcome to a brand new year! I ve received many letters in the past year telling me how much you all love animals. So the team has dedicated a whole issue to them! It was a lot of fun and I learnt a lot putting the magazine together. Actually, the lesser-known animals were ver y intriguing and I ended up reading and researching more about them. Issue 6, 2012: My goodness, how time flies! I hope you have all had a great year having adventures, spending quality time with your families and making a dif ference for other people, no matter how small. In this last issue for 2012, the team chose Bridges as a theme because today, we can t imagine a world without them. These physical connectors have gone beyond just getting us from one place to another. Issue 5 2012: Here s another exciting issue dealing with subjects we don t normally talk about but totally necessar y! It s about life as we know it so far, and how we are all inter-connected in a complex, intricate web of relationships. Ever ything we do has a consequence and we can create an impact that will easily cause a chain reaction in the entire animal and plant kingdom!
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