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Earth Quiz enables you to improve your general knowledge. Locate the most famous places on earth on the map. Recognize countries from their flags, people from their portraits, or sights from well known pictures. This free version includes more than 4000 questions in the following categories: 1. Capital cities 2. Sights 3. Sport events (Summer/Winter Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Super Bowl, basketball, cricket, Formula One, UEFA Champions League, Indy 500 series) 4. Airports 5. Mountains 6. United States 7. Rivers 8. Corporate headquarters 9. Volcanos 10. Bridges 11. Famous people (philosophers, discoverers, musicians, great leaders, scientists ...) 12. UNESCO World Heritage sites Determine a desired location in Google Maps or choose the correct answer out of four choices. Use hints to either reduce from four to two choices or to get 4 suggestions (displayed as ? on the map). Learn more about the searched subject in Wikipedia. At the end of your geographical knowledge question and answer session, the app will grade your responses. You can earn up to 10 points per correct answer. If you use hints, the app subtracts a small number of points. Once you ve earned more than 1000 points within a category, a new category will be released. Use the demo modes to learn and prepare for a quiz. Questions and answers are presented in a slide show. Feel free to guess the correct answer before it shows up. Select quiz mode, difficulty level, and number of questions in the preferences. There you can also set a filter for a preferred category or region (Europe, Americas, Africa, or Asia Pacific). You can activate high image resolution within the settings menu. This increases data traffic. Quiz mode Map Search , Picture Search , and Online Demo requires a fast internet connection. Quiz mode Multiple Choice and Offline Demo can be played offline. About permissions : - INTERNET, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : used for getting pictures from wikipedia The following features are only available in Earth Quiz Plus: - Multi player mode - 1 question, 4 pictures mode - Satellite image mode - All categories are released - more than 5700 questions - Additional categories Historic events , Waters , Seaports , Waterfalls , Mountain ranges and Tall buildings - Countdown mode - play as long your credits allow - Select questions within a radius of a given position - Learn by slide show - Go on a virtual expedition Please use the feedback option within the settings if you have a question, problem or suggestion on Earth Quiz. We are happy to hear from you. What are you waiting for. Improve your knowledge with Earth Quiz. RARU Software German Engineering
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