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From this App you can learn : Define, understand and expand the concept of oscillations to everyday science. Extend the concept of oscillations to explore simple harmonic motion. Develop the equations of motion for simple harmonic motion and apply them to real world situations. Explore the nature of simple pendulum, its types, properties and relevance to everyday science. Damped harmonic oscillation and its characteristic properties. Understand and employ the concept of elastic deformation to every day science. Define, explore, illustrate and apply the concepts of stress, strain and Hooke s law to various daily life examples. More details please visit http://www.wonderwhizkids.com/ "Wonderwhizkids.com" hosts concept oriented content in Maths & Sciences specially designed for K-8 to K-12 grades. "Wonderwhizkids (WWK) enables students to enjoy learning with application oriented, visually rich content which is simple and easy to understand. The content is aligned to best practices of learning and teaching. Students can develop strong basics, critical thinking and problem solving skills to do well in school and beyond. Teachers can use WWK as a reference material to be more creative in designing engaging learning experiences. Parents also can actively participate in their child s development through WWK". This topic covers under Physics subject as a part of the Mechanics topic and this topic contains following sub topics Oscillations Circular motion and the equation of SHM Applications of SHM Simple pendulum Why does a pendulum oscillate? Damped Harmonic Motion Elastic deformation Stress and Strain
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