Learn English Grammar in Urdu


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If you want to learn english grammar in Urdu language, then you are at right place. Grammar is the basic learning of any language. You can t make a single sentences, if you don t know grammar rules. So grammar is the key tool to learn and speak proper english language without any mistakes. The best part of "Learn English Grammar in Urdu" is that, it is specially designed for Pakistani audience. So non english speaker can easily learn english. Features: 5 Grammar Chapters 12 English Tenses Learning Quick English Learning Easy English Learning with Urdu Languages Urdu to English Sentences Examples Negative and affirmative english sentences Send feedback to us and share Learn English Grammar in Urdu to your friends and family. Learn English in Urdu https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamerguyz.learn.englishin.urdu2
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