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Study smarter for the AP® World History exam with the most comprehensive, integrated review and practice tools available on tablets. Whether you re just starting an AP course or you re cramming for a 5 on the big test, AP Exam Prep World History will help organize and maximize your study time in the areas you need to focus on most. Features • This app is designed for tablets 7” or larger. Quick Review • View an intuitive, highly organized, topic-by-topic study guide of all 106 topics and concepts on the AP-approved course outline • Each topic includes main ideas, keywords, essential questions and model answers, and a bulleted list of key concepts • Get access to a 1500-page eBook with a concise summary of each topic • Easily flag each topic as mastered or to be studied Multiple Choice • Answer realistic AP exam-style multiple choice questions in three modes • Full Simulation mode offers a full exam with timer and AP weighting scheme • With Feedback mode gives you unlimited time with feedback after each question • By Topic mode gives you questions on topics you choose • Topics needing further review are automatically flagged in Quick Review for easy reference Free Response • Answer realistic AP exam-style free response questions in three modes • Exam Simulation mode offers a full exam under timed conditions • Planning mode lets you create a plan for an essay without writing • Question Confidence mode lets you view questions to assess your knowledge confidence and flag topics for further study Scored Essay • Interactively review several AP exam-style essays that earned high, medium, and low scores • Test your ability to identify essay attributes that earn higher scores Study Statistics • Track your progress with statistics on every activity and topic to gain insight about what to study next • Topics are flagged as mastered or to be studied based on performance in Quick Review, Multiple Choice, and Free Response Topics Covered AP Exam Prep World History includes review content and questions for 106 topics. In the Lite version, you can try the following topics free of charge: • Dawn of History • Early Humans on the Move • Neolithic Revolution • Birth of Civilization • Social & Economic Structures in Early Civilizations • Early Civilizations in Middle East • Early Civilizations in Asia & Americas • Early Heritage of Gender, Art, & Trade • Religion in the Vedic Age • Rise of Buddhism Unlock all the content in AP Exam Prep World History to access 96 more topics from 8000 B.C.E. to the present. See the full list at http://www.k12.com/mobile-apps/ap-topics. Unlocking All Content in the Lite Version This free Lite version gives you access to 10 full topics, including all Quick Review and Multiple Choice questions as well as 1 Free Response exam simulation, 6 sample scored essays to review, and Study Statistics for the available topics. You can unlock the remaining 96 topics, questions, and essays with a one-time in-app purchase. Teachers and Administrators: Need a version without in-app purchase? Search the store for the full paid version which has the same content but does *not* include in-app purchase like this Lite version, so it s perfect for gift card or bulk downloads. More AP Apps and Courses The AP Exam Prep series includes 12 different AP courses. All are free to try with the same great tablet-friendly features as this app. About This App AP Exam Prep World History was created by K12 Inc. and Fuel Education as part of its comprehensive AP curriculum. Learn more about K12 full- and part-time virtual school options at http://www.k12.com/what-is-k12. For information on online AP courses options for schools or districts, visit http://getfueled.com/solutions. For questions or help with technical problems, e-mail mobile@k12.com. Note: AP®, Advanced Placement Program®, and College Board® are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.
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