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English for Kids – Mingoville School Edition includes fun language learning games and activities for children aged 6 -12. Mingoville School Edition - the world s most famous English program for kids is finally available for Android. • Join the 2 million kids who already learn English with Mingoville. • Developed by English teachers and educators for kids aged 6-12 • Teaches children English language though the “Play-and-Learn” mode Mingoville is a city where the flamingo family Pinkelton lives. Together with the Pinkeltons children learn English though a world of non-stop activities that combine social interaction, pictures, animation, sound and text. - - - HIGHLIGHTS - - - • Vocabulary training • Word recognition • Sentence constructions • Pronunciation • Writing • Singing • Spelling • Reading - - - WHO IS IT FOR? - - - • Students 6-12 years old • Teachers and Schools • Parents and home school teachers • Teenagers or adults who want to enjoy fun English learning - - - THE FIRST ACTIVITY IS FREE TO TRY - - - This app is free to try but also contains in-app purchases. If you like the first activity, you can purchase and unlock all content. - - - WHAT IS INCLUDED? - - - • 130 different exercises and game activities • 10 overall missions waiting to be solved and completed • An interactive dictionary with words and images available in 25 languages • A city inhabited by flamingos, who only speak English • More than 7500 different audio files recorded by professional British and American voice actors • 10 karaoke songs in the sing-along machine that are free for download - - - WHY BUY? - - - • Lesson plans, guides and other content available on our website • Many different games that teach kids about family, colors, letters, food, animals, body parts, furniture and more. • Lovable animated flamingos help kids along as they play the games. • Designed for kids– easy navigation and few menus. Do you want to give your children a winning head start with English? Sign them up for the learning trip of their life - Download Mingoville School Edition now! If you already have a Mingoville English license, you can use your existing username and password to unlock all the content for free. This applies for both private users and school memberships. If you like Mingoville School Edition, why not try out one of our other apps, like Mingoville Storytelling, Mingoville Preschool or Mingoville Fun Clock? - - - HELP & SUPPORT - - - Do you need help or have a comment? You can get in touch with us here: Our website: www.savivo.com Our Facebook page: facebook.com/Savivo Our Twitter: @SavivoEdu
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