Verbs for Kids-Part 2-English


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Once your child masters the most important verbs from the first part, you can move on to the 2nd part. ‘Verbs for kids language learning app features 185 animated and illustrated common verbs in high quality 3D cartoon format, with corresponding pronunciation and sound effects. The aim is to learn English verbs at word and sentence level, develop vocabulary skills, speak by using subject-verb agreement, and learn English language. Your child will enjoy with 3D sweet cartoon pictures, see, listen, understand, pronounce, and learn English verbs as spoken by a native English speaker. This sweet app also presents a playful, fun approach to learn foreign languages for children at early age when kids are highly receptive to language learning and articulation. Features: • Targeted from preschool age up to ten years of age and children with special needs, such as: children with autism, delayed speech and language development. • Course for preschool, early learners & young children studying languages. • Presents over 180 sweet pictures, animations and flashcards by depicting the meanings of verbs. • Includes over 600 words and phrases. • 19 different sweet cartoon characters will definitely attract your child s interest. • High quality 3D animations and flashcards motivate your child and create a fun learning experience. • There are 3 modes in the app: “Verb “Sentence” and ‘Test . • Sentence mode: Sentences are spoken with each flashcard. After four flashcards, a sentence is read to motivate your child to select the correct flashcard. • Verb mode: Flexibility to go into ‘verb modes at any time by interrupting the lesson to select which verbs are to be practiced. Corresponding verb is read and appears as written in English and your language. • Test mode to test children s mastery of lesson. • A summary with wrong and correct answers will be given for each lesson. • The app/course contains 15 lessons and fun game section to provide your child to play with flying elements as a reward for the child s hard work. • The app offers 2 free lessons. • Each lesson contains 12 flashcards to make sure kids really understand the verbs. • Choose from lessons to distinguish the course. • Super easy to use for all ages children and beginners. • Interactive lessons and flashcards, make anything interactive. • Personalized education course, and tests • The ability to keep repeating the last words or sentences until the child get it right. • ‘Return and ‘next buttons displayed at the bottom of the app. • Corresponding sound effects such as crying, driving etc reinforce the English verbs. • Listen to pronunciations and words for every verb and sentence. • Pronunciation can be turned on and off. • The app teaches the essentials of English most important verbs using a very interactive teaching method. • Translated into 10 foreign languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Arabic) give kids a great opportunity to learn many languages. • Engaging learning games will keep your kids entertains as they learn language lessons/course and play. Rating for the game will help us create more educational games for kids! About us: • We develop children s educational ipad, iphone and android apps and games for learning languages, learning to read, logical thinking, and Multilanguage story books etc. • Our apps are FREE, animated and attractive for children, kids, and preschoolers, and most importantly the apps add fun to education so that the kids will always be interested in learning. • We strive to educate your child in every aspect so that your child will be raised smart, independent, bilingual and multilingual. • We believe that interactive and playful games and ipad/ iphone apps with sweet pictures and animations are an efficient study and teaching method for language education. • By using our app and games, your kids constantly want to keep playing and your child will be able to understand English.
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