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With Maths King learning Mathematics is a beginning of wonderful Journey. Features ------------ 0) Kids maths Number Learning feature 1) Learn Addition 2) Learn Subtractions 3) Learn Multiplication 4) Learn Division 5) Learn Percentage 6) Equation 7) Roman Numbers 8) Tables 9) Numbers words Learning 10) Numbers Writing 11) SUDOKU game 12) puzzles game 13) Alphabets Quiz 14) Months Quiz 15) Shapes Learning 16) Times Quiz 17) Week Days Quiz 18) Counter Quiz 19) Range Quiz 20) Math units 21) Chocolate Quiz 22) Calculation Quiz 23) Binary Hex Decimal number 24) Paint 25) Odd Even Quiz 26) Decimal Quiz 27) Word to Number Quiz 29) Fill in the Blanks 30) Addition table 31) Area formulas 32) Circle details information 33) Algebra Basics 34) Algebra Exponents 35) Number Notation 36) Length and Distance Conversion Table 37) Fraction to Decimal Table 38) Multiplication Table 39) Polynomial Identities 40) Metric Prefix Table 41) Volume Formulas 42) Number Information in detail 43) Rapid 60 Game 44) Trigonometry Identities Want to Make your children toppers in mathematics ? Then this is the perfect Maths Game app for you. Maths King contains all types of operations with easy to understand view. Provided a speaking voice for answers with scoring feature. There are interesting different levels of mathematical operations for kids, for first, second, third, fourth and fifth standard students. Equation solving and Remainder questions are very interesting for students who interested in Maths Puzzle. Also a very exciting feature to learn ROMAN NUMBERS, as well as wordings for multiple zero numbers words. Maths King Further provide a Puzzle game which can improve maths of all type users from kids to youngsters. which provide a mathematical challenge in each question. And yes s Arrange Number game is there which can Improve Maths skills. Be a king of Maths by this wonderful MATHS KING app. All kind of mathematical operation questions for the KG and 1st to 5th standard students. Maths king has intelligent Math games Build your mind calculation power and speed up math Power. There are many mathematical operations features, all math games have unlimited mathematics questions. This application is a more learning more fun maths game and a guide which includes the most effective puzzle gamreand creative maths questions. Its a mathematics Brain game. It is based on psychology to help you practice different maths skill: memory, calculation, concentration, all operations, tables, logic and more. Cool math puzzle Games are routine brain training, where your logic , concentration , thinking and math game meet fun , pleasures and enjoyment. In the Cool math Game App you can have awesome logical questions. So Kids who play the Math Games learn multiplication, fractions, addition, geometry, equations, division, modulo problem solving and more! Math games is a brain training gym to learn all kind full potential maths exercises. Cool math King app it will definitely improve your brain maths power. Its will bring logical Maths Tricks in your routine life. Maths king s provides standard wise questions. Further Maths Quiz and Maths Games contains fun with learning. There are table quiz which improves children s real life calculation power. There are also number notation feature which has all types number related proper information, which will help children to learn different number system in easy way. There are formulas for Volume and Area calculation. The Distance and Length conversion table as well as fraction to decimal conversion table are very useful for rapid conversion. Learn Maths, Enjoy Maths, Train Maths, Improve Maths, play Maths and have full of fun with Maths! With Maths King learning Mathematics is a beginning of wonderful Journey.
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