Class 8 Maths and Science


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Do you want to top your class 8 science exams? Are you bored of your NCERT 8 class science book? Or Does Maths intimidate you? Does the idea of algebraic expressions make you want to run far far away? Then use the MarkSharks Class 8 learning app and start learning in a 21st century way – when you learn for fun, you learn for life! Research shows that “learning by doing” is the best way to learn. In learning by doing, students construct knowledge by experiencing and exploring their environment. MarkSharks is a revolutionary app that teaches CBSE 8 class Science & Maths through games, simulations, virtual experiments, 3-D models and interactive exercises. We have harnessed the power of mobile devices to enable true “learning by doing” – we deconstruct the NCERT textbook curriculum and transform it into fun, engaging modules for class 8! When children truly understand concepts and principles, they don t need to spend hours memorizing facts and formulas. This understanding of concepts also makes HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions easy to solve. And because they are learning on their own device, they can learn at a pace that suits them. As a result, not only is learning on MarkSharks fun and engaging, it is highly effective too, allowing our users to earn better marks through better learning. What MarkSharks is NOT: - This is NOT a collection of CBSE question papers/ CBSE sample papers/ solves sample papers: Merely taking tests is NOT enough. We believe that conceptual clarity is key! - This is NOT just a pdf of eighth class science textbook/ NCERT 8 class science book/ CBSE 8th class science book: Books are boring and NOT effective for all types of learners. Learning should be fun, immersive, interactive and self-paced! The MarkSharks Class 8 app is mapped 100% to the CBSE class 8 syllabus – our app covers content from all the chapters currently found in class 8 science NCERT book, which are: 1. Crop production and management 2. Microorganisms: Friend and foe 3. Synthetic fibres and plastics 4. Metals and non-metals 5. Coal and petroleum 6. Combustion and flame 7. Conservation of plants and animals 8. Cell: Structure and functions 9. Reproduction in animals 10. Reaching the age of adolescence 11. Force and pressure 12. Friction 13. Sound 14. Chemical effects of electric current 15. Some natural phenomena 16. Light 17. Stars and the solar system 18. Pollution of air and water The Maths module in our app covers content from all class 8 topics found in the NCERT book, which are: 01 - Rational Numbers 02 - Linear Equations in One Variable 03 - Understanding Quadrilaterals 04 - Practical Geometry 05 - Data Handling 06 - Squares and Square Roots 07 - Cubes and Cube Roots 08 - Comparing Quantities 09 - Algebraic Expressions and Identities 10 - Visualising Solid Shapes 11 - Mensuration 12 - Exponents and Powers 13 - Direct and Inverse Proportions 14 - Factorisation 15 - Introduction to Graphs 16 - Playing With Numbers We will continue to add new features and subjects to MarkSharks so that students not only can learn on their own, at their own pace and in their own time, but can also share their learnings with friends via our “social learning” environment and access to tutors online to help clear problems. Parents will get online access to track their child s performance on MarkSharks and compare it with other students who are studying on the system. When it comes to Class 8 Maths & Science , practice makes perfect and MarkSharks allows just that. Not only does MarkSharks allow students to practice, it encourages them to have fun which they study their Maths & Science class 8 curriculum. With interactive exercises and simulations, class 8 Maths & Science has never been more interesting!
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