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Play fun games, collect chocolate, and stock the Choc-It-Up store with yummy treats. Choc-It-Up is a game for practicing number, letter, shape and color recognition. Players collect chocolate by playing these games: • What s the Color? • What s the Shape? • What s the Number? • Odd or Even? • Greater Than or Less Than? • Capital or Lowercase? • Consonant or Vowel? Each game has a target. Search chocolate pieces on trays to find the ones that match the target. If the target is “Red,” tap chocolate pieces with red shapes. If the target is “Vowels,” tap chocolate pieces with vowels on them. Collect all the chocolate pieces before time runs out. Then go to the store to melt chocolate and make it into different shapes. Features • Three levels of play: easy, medium, and hard • “Play again” option to replay a previous game and improve score • Dozens of fun chocolate shapes to make • Three flavors of chocolate to collect: milk, white, or dark chocolate • Audio walk-through to help players get started Choc-It-Up was created by K12 Inc. as part of its comprehensive Math and Language Arts curriculum. To find out more about K12 virtual schools and online classes for K–12 students, visit http://www.k12.com/what-is-k12/. For more age-appropriate apps, visit http://www.k12.com/mobile-apps/. For help with technical problems, e-mail mobile@k12.com.
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