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Kids math puzzles is math quiz games for kids with a very simple mathematics to plus numbers, minus numbers, to practice skills in using the brain thinking. The time limit in each item. For sensitivity training in math. Kids math puzzles is a games that has to learn the simple mathematics and calculate. And can also play at home to play for free without the use of the Internet in the math games are all those quiz numbers statement number subtraction, the answer will be the integer number and number is negative. Suitable for preschool children, including primary and secondary. Download now!! You will enjoy the games math puzzles. The features of the games. 1. An easy games to play, but requires sensitivity to the calculator. 2. An math games fun for kid and best math for kids. Enjoy and use skill idea about math quiz. 3. Is a games played by all ages. Since the primary, secondary and adult. The children are to learn about mathematics. 4. A games that sensitivity training in math. Because of the limited time in each item. 5. A games that practice, plus numbers and minus numbers with sensitivity up to use in daily life. 6. A games played for free. 7. A games with interface pretty big numbers look comfortable. 8. There are points in each round. To measure the sensitivity. In each round. That calculate fast math. 9. Unless the integer to calculate, there is a negative number to calculate. To enhance the skills in using the potential to calculate fast math. 10. A games that learning outside the classroom in mathematics. 11. A games that challenge your brain. 12. Learn basic mathematics 13. Each will have a limited time only 3 seconds only. 14. Mathematics in the games will be more difficult in each item. 15. Highlight the sensitivity calculation. How to play. 1. Press play the games. 2. Have a math quiz, such as 1+2 =? Will have the option 3 items, you choose the correct answer by a time limit within 3 seconds each math quiz. 3. You will need to answer as soon as possible. If time runs out before you will lose and the games will begin. 4. You must choose the correct answer 1 answer and answer within the time 3 seconds. You will get the answer 1 points in the joints. 5. Next is the more difficult to increase the difficulty of the quiz. 6. If you answer 3 within seconds, but you get a wrong answer, you will lose, and the game will begin. 7. Points passive until will lose when the game will have a summary of the scores. 8. Try to compare scores in each round. It and make it better. 9. You can see your score at the main page of the game.
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