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NEED ACTIVE INTERNET CONNECTION TO RUN THIS APP Conquer Mathematics is a free application designed to help students from K-12 build a strong concept in mathematics. The application comes with list of video playlists, each playlist targeting core mathematics concepts in each grade from Kindergarten through High School. The content of each playlist is based on an academic curriculum prepared by teams of national experts and talented Washington state mathematics educators, curriculum directors, and many dignified mathematicians. The user can select each grade playlist to access the videos related to mathematical topics covered in that particular grade. The users can also tag the videos they like as their favorites. The application will create a list of user s favorite videos. The user can access this favorite list by swiping up the bottom favorite pane in the application home screen. Disclaimer: The videos in the application are from youtube. ( and the Conquer Mathematics application team bears no ownership or responsibilities regarding the videos or their content.
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