Fifth grade math


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We re constantly adding new skills for fourth grade ! 5th Grade , the last grade of primary school students, is an important year to assess the capacity senior primary school students, before entering junior high school. Math Academy app covers basic skills and high school. It categorizes different aspects of math in such a way that you can pick up what you plan to learn and start learning. We plan to cover all the topics in math general education. You can enjoy the following topics: Math curriculum, high school, helping students, math, from grade 1 to grade 12, refresher, math problems, math, weekly, accounting revision, review, Algebra, math college, calculus, college some, integral, differential, complex numbers, matrix, function. Fifth grade math: covers basic skills multiplying fractions and decimals. 1. Place values and number sense 2. Addition and subtraction 3. Multiplication 4. Division 5. Exponents 6. Number theory 7. Decimals 8. Add and subtract decimals 9. Multiply decimals 10. Divide decimals 11. Fractions and mixed numbers 12. Add and subtract fractions 13. Multiply fractions 14. Divide fractions 15. Mixed operations 16. Problem solving 17. Ratios, proportions, and percent s 18. Consumer math 19. Patterns and sequences 20. Coordinate graphs 21. Variable expressions 22. Data and graphs 23. Probability and statistics 24. Time 25. Measurement 26. Geometry This app has the following sections tutorials, formulas, calculation, theory questions, quiz, dictionary, scientific calculator, graphing calculator, math tricks, brain teaser, unit converter, times, binary converter, statistics calculator. This app can be used for everybody , teachers and students planning to write exam. If you have a suggestion or issue with this app please kindly let us know through email. We always try to respond immediately Email: website: Facebook: Please remember to rate this app. Thanks so much.
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