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Toddler Games is a collection of free games suitable for children of the age 0 to 3 years old. The collection contains the following 7 GAMES: ? Find the Difference: Each screen contains 4 images of animals, 3 of them are the same while 1 is different. The child has to touch the one that is different, the game will advance automatically to the next screen once the correct image is touched. ? Trace the Shapes: Trace with the finger following a trail of flowers. Children will discover shapes as they trace. ? Trace Cursive Letters and Numbers: Kids can follow with a finger a displayed path to write cursive letters and numbers. This is a useful exercise to start practicing cursive writing the alphabet. This has a time limit, in order to remove the time limit Premium version is needed. ? Text to speech: Children will learn to write words with a character that speaks those words out loud. ? Memory Cards: Basic memory game with flowers covering pairs of animals. ? Clean the Ice: The snow flaked ice covers a nice colorful image. The baby can touch the screen to clean the ice and reveal the image. ? Changing Colors: A beautiful flower changes through twelve colors as your toddler touches the screen. This fades smoothly while soothing chime sounds play. If you have any problems, encounter any bugs or just want to share your thoughts on this, do not hesitate to contact us at And please spread the word to help us add more free games to this collection. Thank you.
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